Libros ilustrados


24 x 20 cm / 40 pages / hardback binding / 978-84-18702-62-4 / children

A picture book that breaks the mold, about a new planet in which the world above is reflected in the world below, although not perfectly. This is reflected in the format: the pages are graphically divided in half, each corresponding to the upper world and the lower world.

The funny thing is that when you reach the end of the book, it is actually only half of it, since you have to turn the page and read it again. Which also compels us to reinterpret the images seen first. This picture book holds even more surprises: the inhabitants of the Mirror planet are characters portrayed in famous paintings by masters such as Raphael, Da Vinci, Tintoretto, Dürer, Jan van Eyck, Titian and many others.